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there is no chapters of ikuto and amu getting married but maybe they might make it in the futer

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Q: What chapter does ikuto and amu get married?
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Do amu and ikuto get together?

Yes. In Chapter 28.

When does Ikuto tell Amu he likes her?

Ikuto tells Amu he likes her in shugo chara episode 74!! He later says he "loves her" in chapter 43.

Do Amu and Ikuto kiss in Shugo Chara Encore Chapter 4?

no, but i wish they did!

Do ikuto and amu on shugo chara get married?

yep when ikuto gotten beat up by these strange guys and he was hiding in the ally and amu sees ikuto there and she heals him and then ikuto say i trick and then he was going to take amu home but he took amu in a carnival and they both ride on rides so yeah there's your answer AMUTO 4 EVER!!

Does ikuto and amu kiss?

yes but ikuto kisses amu on the cheek <3

What happens in the end of shugo chara and who married who?

No one gets married. However, in the anime Ikuto leaves and so we assume amu ends up with Tadase. BUT in the manga amu realizes that she loves ikuto and ends up with him. No one gets married.

Does ikuto at the end kiss amu on the lips?

ikuto never kiss amu on the lips

When do ikuto and amu sleep together?

He slept in her room in episode 65. Thanks for listening. :)(:My name is A.K.A Alana

When did ikuto meet amu?

ikuto meets amu in the first or second episode on a building site

Does amu get married?

Ikuto! Ikuto! Ikuto! But only in the manga.... Cuz the anime finished crappy!

What anime is Amuto in?

Shugo charaSHUGO CHARA AND IT RULES AMU AND IKUTO SHALL ALWAYS BE THE BEST COUPLE IN SHUGO CHARAAmuto is the couple of amu and ikuto which together is amu/toamu is for amuto is for ikuTO

Does amu care about ikuto?

yes she does and ikuto cares about her also