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The MTV's reality show "True Life" was filmed at Camp Shane in Ferndale New York. The show filmed teenagers with different backgrounds & lifestyles going to Camp Shane to help transform their difficult lives.

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Q: Which reality TV show was filmed at Camp Shane in Ferndale NY?
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Did Shane and Mitchie kiss in Camp Rock?

Yes, Shane and Mitchie are dating in Camp Rock.

Where was Camp Rock filmed in Toronto Ontario?

"it was filmed in Haliburton,ontario, canada. at CAMP timberlane" Close. It was filmed in Haliburton, ON but at Camp Kilcoo and Camp Wanakita, not Timberlane.

Who fell for who in camp rock?

Shane fell for Mitchie and Mitchie fell for Shane Tess had a crush on Shane

Was camp rock filmed at Wagner College?

No, Camp Rock was filmed in Canada. School of Rock was filmed at Wagner. You are talking about Wagner College in Staten Island, NY, right??

In which year was camp rock made?

camp rock was filmed in 2008

Where will camp rock 2 going to be filmed in?

Camp Rock 2 will be filmed in two locations in Ontario, Canada, according to Kilcoo Camp in Minden ( and Camp Wanakita in Haliburton (… are the two locations being filmed in late summer of 2009

Was Friday the 13th filmed at camp ockanickon?

Camp nobebosco, new jersey

Who are the main characters of the camp rock?

Mitchie and Shane

What is the setting of camp rock?

Camp Rock was filmed at and all boys camp for ages 8-16 called Kilcoo Camp, near Haliburton, Ontario, Canada, There were a few other locations, but most camp scenes were filmed at Kilcoo Camp.

Who is the boy from the Jonas brothers who stared Shane in Camp Rock?

Joe Jonas (full name Joseph Adam Jonas) starred as Shane gray in camp rock.

Where did they shoot camp rock?

The Disney Channel Movie Camp Rock staring the Jonas Brothers was all filmed in Ontario, Canada. Certain scenes were filmed on location at Camp Wanakita and Camp Kilcoo in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada. I hope that helped you!

What are the release dates for Camp Reality - 2007?

Camp Reality - 2007 was released on: USA: 30 January 2007