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Q: Which person engages in habits that are most harmful to his or her health?
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Does an understanding of this distinction help account for why persons who know certain habits or behaviors are harmful still persist in those behaviors?

An understanding of a particular distinction can help a person learn about why habits or behaviors are still harmful in a specifc personality. This is generally referred to as studying a person.

How do your habits and choices relate to your physical health and your ability to manage stress?

A person's habits and choices are closely related to their ability to manage their health and stress. For instance, if a person decides to smoke, drink, and not sleep enough, their health will suffer and they will be more stressed out.

Is 60 minutes of treadmill exercise harmful to the heart?

I guess it would depend on the persons health. For a "health" person maybe not. For an "unhealthy" person maybe so.

What is voyevrs?

a person who engages in voyeurism.

Why would nuclear weapons kill you?

because it has many harmful chemicals in it which harm the health of a person

Are pesticides harmful to your health?

They can be but the average person will probably never get enough exposure to ever be a problem.

What are 2 nouns for enemy?

A enemy may be a hostile nation or state a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another; an adversary or opponent.

What is a baddie?

A baddy is a person who engages in bad behaviour, especially in a work of fiction.

Is a non smoker harmful for babies?

It depends on the individual person. A non-smoker may be as harmful as anyone. Smoking anything is not conducive to good health for anyone.

What is a seisomologist?

A person who engages in the scientific study of earthquakes.

What is a battler?

A battler is a person who engages in a battle or fight.

What is an abseiler?

An abseiler is a person who engages in the activity of abseiling.