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well first you have to be extremly careful when your following him and you will end up by crystal cave and you will find his hide out oh and it will take a few tries hope this helps

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Q: Where is thief v's hideout on mysims agents?
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How do i move the rocks by thief vs cave on my sims agents on ds?

You don't. First you have to trail Theif V to his hideout.

Where is thief vs hideout on your sims agents on ds?

It is by a rock where the station plaza is. Go past the pizza place. Behind a gray house. Then press a by the big house.

What is the order of frogs in thief vs lair in mysims agents?

Yellow Yellow Green Teal Teal Green Yellow Orange Red Red Orange Yellow Yellow Orange Orange

Where is thief V's hideout on my sims agent?

Theif Vs hideout is near the waterfall or it says on the map, "Crystel Falls" When you get to the part to tailing him, if you tail him very carefully, you will see where his hideout is.

Where do you find thief Vs frogs in my sims agents?

u cant really find the frogs u first have too find thief v's hideout and too do that u have to follow him there and not get caught once u find it at night thief v will be in town hall and u have to go 2 go 2 his hideout and play the CD player and try to copy the song with the frogs but u have to do that by morning. p.s. Sorry so long but hopes it helps

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