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first, go inside the shack outside of mad monster mansion as a pumpkin and press the button in there to rise the water level. next, go in the room with all the water and the bomb. swim over to where the entrance to rusty bucket bay is. you should find a box with a "Rare" sign on it. break it open and there should be a button inside it. press that button and go to the entrance room to where the water and the bomb is. swim all the way to the top and there should be a note door.

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Q: Where is click clock woods on bsnjo kazooie?
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Where is mumbo's hut in treasure trove cove in banjo kazooie?

Nowhere. It is only in Mumbo's Mountain, Bubblegloop Swamp, Freezeezy Peak, Mad Monster Mansion, and Click Clock Woods

Where is the clock tower on marapets?

The Clock Tower is located in the Undying Woods.

What are the weaknesses of the enemies in the banjo kazooie game?

Most of the enemies in the game fall very easily, with only one hit needed. I'm going to assume you're asking about the enemies that require more than one hit. Bigbutt the bull takes several hits to defeat but he will get up eventually. You can defeat Snacker by repeatedly dropping eggs on his head and eventually he fall, but for a short time. Other enemies, like the Venus fly trap in Click Clock Woods is invicible. The snowmen in Freezeezy Peak, and the winter part of Click Clock Woods are, in fact, tricky to defeat. You must use a flight to get into the air and then press B to use Kazooie's special air attack. Even then, you must for the red x on their hat or else you'll just bounce off. If all else fails, the WonderWing is great, which is the only way to defeat the Ghosts in Mad Monster Mansion, although some enemies are even impervious to this move, such as the snowmen and Venus Fly Trap. You'll simply bounce off them.

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By clicking on the Gypsy Camp on the Haunted Woods map and click "View the Haunted Woods Plot comic" and HUZZAH, there is is!

Where do you find the esophagor on Neopets?

You go to the haunted woods and then click the esophagor.

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click beetles

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