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Mason is Captain, as Woods is only Sergeant

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Q: Who is higher in black ops woods or mason?
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Who is the coolest black ops character?

Woods,bowman,and mason

Who is the dude on he cover of black ops?

it's either woods or mason

How does mason die?

alex mason from black ops 2 dies from frank woods or can be saved by shooting him 2 times in the leg

Is mason in black ops 2?

Black ops 2 will be about Mason's son...although Woods is in the release trailer it wouldn't surprise me if Alex Mason made a cameo somehow.

Will there be a captin in Call of Duty Black Ops?

No your squad (Woods, Bowman) or the CIA agents (Hudson, Weaver) don't even have visible ranks. Your character, Alex Mason, is a Captain, so Woods is a higher rank as he is the squad leader.

Why did woods die in black ops?

mason was getting the crap beaten out of him and woods comes in and grabs kervanchio with a knife and say ivi got u know the b word kervanchio has a greanade woods tackels him and the grenad explodes with woods but he not actually dead woods is alive as of 2025 as he is the old man seen in the beginning of the black ops 2 trailer.Because woods survived, it could suggest kravchenko did aswell. Woods didn't die in black ops

What are the characters of black ops?

All the main characters are Mason,Woods,Bowman, Reznov, Hudson,Weaver,Dragovich,Kravchenko,& Stiener.(yes they are the REAL main characters in black ops.

Is frank woods real from Call of Duty Black Ops?

No, Frank Woods is a fictional character created for Black Ops.

Who is the old man on the black ops 2 trailer?

The old man in cod black ops 2 trailer is woods and in his flashbacks we will play in the 1980's afghanistan as mason the character from black ops 1 . He didn't die in black ops 1 and the reason is still unknown. You can recognize him easily from the tatoo he has on his left hand in the trailer.

What is black ops 2 about?

about mason's death

Who is the guy you play as in black ops?


Is woods son in black ops 2?

No. Frank Woods has never been married. Therefore, he has never had children. Harper is not his son. Even though he acts like Woods. Frank Woods accidently kills Alex Mason, without knowing it was him. Alex Masons son, David Mason didn't know who killed him, until Woods tells him. Follow me on Instagram: Sea_Bass408