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your heart

your heart

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Q: Where does the alcohol go when it is in your body?
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Where does the alcohol that you drink go in your body?

Alcohol is absorbed through the blood stream

What part of your body alcohol affects?

achohol affects almost every part of your body... your muscles your brain, your stomach... just about everything that can go wrong will go wrong, if you have to much alcohol

How will ones body alcohol content go down?

The process of metabolism.

Where does alcohol go when it enters the blood stream?

It circulates throughout the body.

Why alcohol is not good for your body?

Alcohol is good for the body if consumed in moderation.

Does alcohol affect every system in the body?

Alcohol affects every cell in the body.

What ways can you detect alcohol in the body?

You can detect alcohol in the body with a blood test. You can also detect alcohol in the body, like police officers, by using a breathalyzer test.

How long can the human body survive on alcohol alone?

Not very long, alcohol dehydrates your body.

Does body weight matter in how long alcohol stays in the system?

No, but your metabolic rate will. What body weight does is affect the amount of alcohol you need to drink to get drunk--which is one of the reasons you don't go shot-for-shot with someone twice as big as you.

Is alcohol bad for sex?

Sort of, alcohol is bad for your whole body but mainly the digestive system. Sex Is a sensation. Alcohol does not go anywhere near the penis or vagina. So alcohol is really good for sex in a way. It makes you orgasm more and ejaculate

How does the body protect itself against alcohol?

the liver filters out the alcohol and the body releases it in the form of urine

Is marijuana or alcohol more damaging to the overall body?

Alcohol by far as it does damage to your body and causes addiction.