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Its a drop from a monster named grizzle spit in the area called boxes

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Q: Where can find Giant Protector Blade in AQW?
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How do you get golden crusher blade in aqw?

u get the golden crusher blade in Andre the giant foot.

Where do you find the blade of awe stuff?

there are no cheats in aqw

Where to find the Bejeweled blade in AQW?

Type in the question, "How do you get the Bejeweled Blade" above for the full answer and explanation. Thanks!

Where can you find the hollo energy blade in aqw?

In the Suggestion Shop in Yulgar's Inn.

Where do you get the lotic blade in aqw?


How do you get the phoenix blade in aqw?

you get it from valsakar note:member only

Where do i get infantry blade aqw?

i serously dont know

Were do you get the blade of holy might in aqw?

aisha drake

What is the code for the Gia Blade on AQW?

there is no code for the Gia blade it is 45'000 coins at the shop is battleon

How do you get blade of awe on aqw?

type CySerO123 happy gamming

Where you can find the green jewel in bejeweled blade quest in aqw?

Kill Big Jack Sprat or skeleton warriors at /join graveyard.

In aqw where do you get the royal blade of thorns?

it's in mobius its a mem quest