When was subeta created?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Q: When was subeta created?
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Is there any game that is like subeta?

a website that is like subeta is

How do you crack the safe on subeta?

Its random.

How do you use wizard tokens in subeta?

To get wizard tokens in subeta you first have to play the quests that are given by The Old Wizard and The Oracle. Then you can use the in a few different locations in Subeta like The Fair Grounds, Blackheart Hollow and the Token Shop.

How do you make a house on subeta?

You can't.There is no house feature on Subeta because Keith and the users don't see any use for your pet to have a house.

What are some virtual pet sites like subeta powerpets gopets and neopets?

Furzies is a new site out that hasn't long launched and they are still adding to it. Its so great.www.furzies.comcreatureworld.neticepets.commarapetskuepetssorpilandpony starssonnexpetsgiropetsveropetsvenetopiakiropetsfurrypawsIchumonmrtiki.comteripets.comNeurogalaxy is the closest thing I can think of to Subeta. They're considered Subeta's 'sister.'---------------------neopets but as said above Neurogalawy is the closest to Subeta especially because Keith (Subeta's site owner)just bought the website not to long ago.------Aywas

Are there any fun websites like subeta?


Is there a website exactly like Neopets?

you could try subeta or marapets --- Subeta is a very good site. The art there is good, although it's not as glitch free and well funded as Neopets. I've given up Neopets for Subeta... it's a place for more older players. ^^

Can you have a free subeta account?

Yes you can. Subeta is 100% free, though it does offer ways to help fund the site (bandwidth/etc. costs money!). And even then, the items/gold accounts can be purchased with the standard form of money on the site (sP - subeta Points) from user shops.

Fun subeta sites?

NeuroGalaxy Valenth Squiby

How do you get an angelic ontra in subeta?

Use an angelic potion on your ontra.

What is your subeta account username?

My username would be Rima! :3

How long do you have to wait to rejoin subeta after being frozen?

One year.