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probably.. you hit the garage door.

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Q: When parking the care out the garrage and hit the door and door is damaged?
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What happens if you take the battery out for your garrage door key pad?

The keypad will cease to work. Buttons in the garage will still work.

Tupe of business that sells damaged roof?

Roofing scam is a door-to-door business that sells damaged roof.

How do I adjust a parking brake on a 4 door Chevrolet Blazer 2oo2?

Chevrolet Blazer parking brake can be adjusted with the adjustment screw on the parking brake pad. The parking brake can also be adjusted with the parking brake cable.

You backed your car into your garage door and damaged your car and the garage door?

it is covered by your home insurance

Where is car parking for new rochelle ny train station?

In the building next door, there is a parking lot with 4 or 5 floors.

Can my employer reqiure me to pay for damage to a door?

If you damaged it, yeah.

Your 9 year old daughter opened her car door in a carpark when you were parked and a car came from behind your car to park in space beside us the door and the car parking beside us got damaged who fau?

The driver of your car. The person opening the door is at fault, but in this case she's only nine, so the fault goes to the driver, who should have controlled the child. OR... the idiot who failed to realise that the door was open!

Is it legal for a condominium association to place citations and charge monetary penalties for parking next to your garage door?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.If parking next to your garage door is a violation of the parking rules in your community, and if the association has notified owners of this parking restriction, it may cite you for parking there and charge you a fine.Request copies of the CC&Rs, By-laws or board meeting minutes where this parking restriction is documented, so that you can understand your violation and your appeal process.

Is replacing a damaged garage door covered under home insurance policy?

It depends on how the door was damaged. If it is normal wear and tear, no, its not covered. However, if the door was damaged by a covered loss (read the Perils Insured Aganist section of your policy) then the insurance company will cover the loss. Also you may want to see how much the replacement door will cost. If the cost of the door does not exceed your deductible then there is no sense in reporting the claim.

Why the hubble has a door to cover the aperture?

To keep the lens from getting damaged

How do you fix the door handle to a bedroom door that won't lock because the wall is damaged where the door locks?

When a door latch doesn't click into position, it usually means the latch and the strike plate are out of alignment. Tighten its hinge screws, then try adjusting the strike plate by loosening its screws and shifting it slightly.Try to put a wood into the damaged door space so you can lock the door.

Who is at fault when parking garage door falls on car?

It would be YOUR fault UNLESS you can prove there is a manufacturing defect in the door. How you can prove that, I don't know.