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Your home insurance can be cancelled by you at anytime, with written notice. the insurance companies however have a much harder time cancelling then you do. Here in Ontario they need to give you 15 days after written notice by registered letter or 5 days notice after hand delivered and they cannot cancel you for no reason as well, they need a good reason such as you do not meet underwriting criteria or misrepresentation, non-payment. Not much they can cancel you for. More information on your situation is needed to properly answer.

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Q: When can your home owners insurance policy be cancelled?
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Can a home insurance policy be cancelled for non payment?

Yes. Non Payment of premium can cause a cancellation or non renewal of an insurance policy.

How do you find out who your home owners insurance is with?

If it is your home, just look at your insurance policy. It will always tell you the name of your insurance company.

Is a damaged pool covered under home owners insurance?

It depends on your insurance policy

When purchasing a new home can you get your own homeowners insurance?

Yes, In fact you are required to get your own home insurance when you buy a home. You can not inherit the previous owners insurance policy. The previous owners insurance is null and void the moment they sell the home.

Your rotten tree fell on your neighbors home who covers the damage?

Normally, our own home insurance covers damage to our own home regardless of where the tree came from. However. If your neighbor can establish negligence on the part of the neighboring tree owner, then they can hold the tree owner liable, In which case the tree owners home insurance policy would have to pay for damages to the neighbors home that resulted from negligence. In such a case of established negligence. The tree owners home insurance policy would most likely be cancelled due to a moral hazard.

Will your own home owner's insurance cover your damages if your Texas neighbor's pit bull bit you but neighbor's home owner's excludes dog and neighbor has no assets?

No, Your Home Owners Insurance policy will not invoke. Your neighbors Home Insurance policy will also not cover if the animal exclusion exists on the policy. there will be no coverage forthcoming from your neighbors Home Owners Insurance policy. It has become common practice to exclude damage and injury resulting from ownership of vicious animals from Home Owners Insurance Policies around the country. Your Own Medical Insurance Policy however will invoke and afford coverage for your medical expenses. Other expenses such as loss of income may also be covered by your medical insurance depending on the coverages afforded by that policy.

Can I combine my Oklahoma car insurance with my home owners policy?

No, you can't combine home and auto loans

Does Home owners insurance cover bodily injury for family members?

No, That's what you major medical insurance policy is for.

Does home owners insurance cover everyone in the house?

That would depend on the wording of your policy.

Where can you get home insurance when you've had your policy cancelled due to a missed payment?

Home Insurance after a CancellationYou can obtain a new policy from any insurer of your choice. Just make some calls or look online.If the policy has been cancelled for less than 30 days you will likely be assessed no points against you at all by the new insurer. You very likely can even call back the insurer who cancelled your policy and have it reinstated or reissued.Once your Home Insurance has lapsed for 30 days many insurers will consider you ineligible for coverage through their program.

You own your home you stopped paying for home insurance. will i have problem restablishing a home insurance?

If your previous home insurance policy was cancelled for non-payment, the company you were insured with may choose not to reinstate the policy depending on your history with the company. While this company does not have to reinstate your policy, you will be able to bind insurance with another provider. If this company asks if you have been cancelled previously for non-payment, answer honestly. This will not disqualify you for obtaining insurance, however it may disqualify you from receiving a continuous coverage discount if they offer it.

Where can you get home insurance after your policy has been cancelled due to a claim?

You will have to start calling local insurance agencies. Someone will provide you coverage and if no one will you can call your state's insurance commission and ask about an assigned risk policy.