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While the Winchester model 190 was serial numbered,Winchester did not keep records of the serial numbers by year of production.I can say that the Winchester model 190 was produced from 1974-1980.

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Q: What year is your Winchester model 190 serial numbers 65546?
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Is a Winchester 94 serial?

Yes, the Model 94 has serial numbers.

Winchester model 70 serial numbers?


Where to find serial number Model 1886? has Winchester serial numbers.

What age is a Winchester model 150 serial number 783236?

Your Winchester model 150 was made from 1967-1974.Winchester did not keep records of the serial numbers by year of production for this model.

What year was Winchester model 190 serial number b983611?

Winchester did not keep records of the serial numbers for the model 190.I can say that the winchester model 190 was made from 1974-1980.

What is the manufacture date of a Winchester model 64-30 wcf serial 1090354?

Your Winchester model 64 was produced from 1933-1957,and the serial numbers were listed among the model 1894 serial numbers.Your Winchester model 64 was made by Winchester in 1934.

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 61?

Depends on the serial number... Look up Winchester serial numbers..

What is the age of a 12 gauge Winchester Model 12 serial 639072?

The model 12 Winchester pump shotgun with serial numbers from 626,997 to 651,255 where made in 1931, which your guns serial numbers fall in.

Winchester model 1200 serial numbers?

No published data

How old is a Winchester model 308 serial?

The numbers .308 are the caliber of your rifle,not the model number.Please include the model number and serial number to get the age of your Winchester rifle.

What year was my winchester model 190 serial number B1103233 made?

while winchester did not keep accurate records of the serial numbers on this model,I can say that the model 190 winchester was made from 1974-1980.

What year was Winchester model 670 made serial number 114342?

Your winchester model 670 were only made from 1967-1973.Winchester did not keep records for this model as to the year of production with serial numbers.