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You will get a ticket and, possibly given a few days to obtain that paid insurance. If you cause a collision, the other person can obtain a judgement or lien against you. You will end up paying for it, anyway, in the long run.

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Q: What will happen if you get caught with no car insurance?
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Will homeowners insurance cover car that caught on fire in driveway?

I think your car insurance will cover that.

Can your car be impounded for not having car insurance?

Depends on the state, and how many times you have been caught, but, yes. It can happen, because you would be arrested, thus giving them the right to impound your car.

What will happen if you get caught driving without insurance?

You will be penalized by the law enforcing police authority by your being caught without insurance of your car while driving on public road. Your car can be confiscated if you fail to pay the spot the find and summoned to the nearest police station for initiating case against you.

What happens if you were driving a car with no car insurance?

nothing, unless you get caught :-)

What happens if you get caught driving with out car insurance in mi?

You get a ticket.

Can you lose your license for cancelled insurance?

Only if you get caught driving without insurance can that happen in most states. I wish it would happen in all.

I was caught speeding in my mother's car but i am insured in my own car am I covered?

Yes, you are generally covered if you are caught speeding in any car as long as your driver's license is valid, your insurance is up to date, and you were not intoxicated. Your insurance covers you as a driver.

Do you need car insurance in California?

Car insurance is required in California. If you do not have insurance and are caught you may be subject to a fine as well as possible time in jail. Insurance can be found for a reasonable price

Can you still operate your car with no insurance?

u will get a ticket if u get caught

How long can you drive a car without insurance in barbados?

until you get caught!

What happens if you don't have car Insurance in Massachusetts?

You can't drive without insurance. You can get your license suspended if caught.

How long can you get away with driving your dead grandmas car with her paid insurance on it before you get caught?

Until the insurance runs out... :)