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AIG offers life insurance, home insurance, health and business insurance. They even offer Travel Insurance.

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Q: What types of insurance does AIG insurance offer?
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How many types of insurance options are offered by AIG?

AIG has many types of insurance. They offer life insurance, home insurance, health insurance, business insurance, and even travel insurance. Those are the only five they offer.

What type of company is AIG Auto?

AIG Auto is an Insurance company that provides many different types of insurance for individuals and businesses. The types of insurance that AIG provides includes: Accident, Life, Health, and Travel.

Which types of car insurance products are offered by AIG Singapore?

AIG Singapore offers many car insurance products. They offer accident coverage and will even help you pay off treatments to the doctor after a bad accident.

What does the AIG Insurance Company offer?

American International Group is an American insurance company. As all insurance companies, AIG offers live insurance, travel insurance, retirement planning, etc.

Where can one get cheap quotes from AIG auto Insurance?

You can get quotes for AIG auto insurance online at websites such as Progressive, Esurance, and GEICO as they all offer a comparison feature. You can also receive a quote from the official AIG website.

What services does Tata AIG offer?

Tata AIG is anIndian general insurance company, and a joint venture between Tata Group and American International Group. They offer motor, car, auto, travel, and health insurance services in India.

What kinds of services does AIG offer?

AIG, or the American International Group, is a corporation that offers insurance and other financial services to its customers. They provide both commercial and industrial insurance, personal life insurance, travel, home, and health insurance.

Is aig insurancea nationwide company?

Yes, AIG does offer insurance nationwide. This company also offers services in other countries, 130 to be exact.

Where can you find aig insurance quotes?

You can find aig auto insurance quote directly online on the aig website. You can also call aig directly to get a quote.

What does Tata AIG travel insurance offer?

Tata AIG Travel Insurance offers Domestic Travel Insurance, Overseas Travel Insurance, Asia Travel Insurance and Student Travel Insurance. Tata AIG Travel Insurance covers everything from Lost baggage and flight delays to Personal accidents and Hospital stays in an unknown country, which is valid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When was TATA AIG Life Insurance created?

TATA AIG Life Insurance was created in 2001.

Why AIG insurance?

What is your personal situation? What are you trying to do? What are you after? Then I can tell you why or why not AIG! 4LifeGuild