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You can get quotes for AIG auto insurance online at websites such as Progressive, Esurance, and GEICO as they all offer a comparison feature. You can also receive a quote from the official AIG website.

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Q: Where can one get cheap quotes from AIG auto Insurance?
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Where can you find aig insurance quotes?

You can find aig auto insurance quote directly online on the aig website. You can also call aig directly to get a quote.

What type of company is AIG Auto?

AIG Auto is an Insurance company that provides many different types of insurance for individuals and businesses. The types of insurance that AIG provides includes: Accident, Life, Health, and Travel.

Does AIG own Auto Owners Insurance Group?

no...they are competitors

What services does AIG Direct provide to potential customers?

AIG Direct offers instant term life insurance products to it's customers. Potential clients of AIG Direct are given competitive quotes between insurance rates.

What type of services can one get from AIG Direct?

AIG Direct offers services like free term life insurance policy quotes online, accurate life insurance and term life insurance. AIG Direct lets you save up to 70% on term life insurance.

How many people use AIG auto insurance?

According to the AIG website, AIG serves more than 88,000,000 customers. It does not, however, give a breakdown as to how many of those are specifically auto customers.

Do they sell cheap car insurance in New Jersey?

Yes there are many companies which offer cheap car insurance in New jersey like Tata AIG etc. You can refer to the link below for many other good offers.

How does AIG car insurance compare to other insurance compaies?

AIG Auto Insurance Company is comparatively the same as other major insurance providers. Reviews for this company have earned it five out of five stars for price, coverage, claims and customer service.

Why are you advertising AIG insurance company as THE provider of non-owner auto liability insurance when the do NOT sell such coverage?

AIG, like most other companies, will only sell this coverage in conjunction with either a general liablity policy or a commercial auto policy. It is not available as a stand-alone coverage.

Where can one get cheap mortgage insurance?

Obtaining cheap mortgage insurance is a process that starts typically on the web. Currently, sites such as Bankrate have comparisons and currently Matrix Direct and AIG are great options.

What are some reliable auto insurance companies in MA?

Some reliable auto insurance companies in MA include: Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Safe Auto, Progressive, Metlife, Ameriprise, AARP, AIG, State Farm, and Travelers insurance companies.

Where can you find a comparison of different companys car insurance price quotes?

You can find comparisons for car insurance at Car Insurance Quotes Comparison. They compare insurance rates from a variety of major US car insurers, including Geico, Nationwide, AIG, NetQuote, Esurance, Progessive and AllState.