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Q: What should you not do when someone gets burnt?
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What should you do if someone has been burnt?

help them or pray to Allah to save them

What could happen if someone gets sun burnt to often?

Someone very often exposed to sunburn usually have a high risk in developing skin cancer.

What to do when someone gets burned?

If u get burnt from cooking or something or u just touched something really hot and got burnt what you should do it may sound really weird but put tomato paste not sauce but paste around the injury and wrap it with aluminum foil and call your doctor

How do you use the word burnt in a sentence?

If your toast gets burnt, you can always scrape it.

What to do if someone is burnt really burnt?

ask Allah for forgiveness

What happens when you burn teflon?

When you burn Teflon, it releases toxic gases and particles, including Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which can be harmful if inhaled. It can also generate smoke and fumes that may cause flu-like symptoms in humans, known as polymer fume fever.

Does the wind get you burnt or is it the actual sun?

The wind is just air-even tornados. The sun gets you burnt.

When does vaporization?

When it gets burnt out after being used as fuel.

If someone gets hurt what should you say to them?

say are you ok: )

When does gasoline vaporize?

When it gets burnt out after being used as fuel.

How do you know if someone is burnt by a stove?

if they scream

When I put a burnt PS1 game in my PS1 it gets to the playstation logo but it comes up with Sony in inverted colours then crashes what should i do?

Buy and pay for the game