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say are you ok: )

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Q: If someone gets hurt what should you say to them?
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If you like someone that your friend likes what should you do?

I say go for it, there's no harm in going for something you want even if someone else wants the same thing friend or not you have to do what makes you happy. It will suck for whoever gets hurt but the person that gets hurt should not take it personally as there are other people out there for them. Hello. I am the person who asked. I just wanna say thank you because i asked him out and he said YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (well he didn't say yyyyeeeessss, he said yes) thank you!

Who was the last person to receive a purple heart medal award?

I can't really say. someone gets hurt everyday.

What do you say when your girlfriend gets hurt?

"Are you ok?"

What word you should not say?

You should not say any words that will hurt or offend someone. If you think that it is OK do do so, it shows your lack of care for others.

Someone says something that might hurt you and later asks if it hurt and it did should you lie and say no it didn't hurt to make sure it doesn't hurt her?

Just tell the truth or it may keep happening.

Should you be friends with someone who is greedy who gets into fight a lot?

i would say no chance so no

Should you say thank you to someone during your driving test?

Why not - It doesn't hurt and might, but unlikely to have an effect on your score.

Why would someone say ow?

Someone would say "ow" becasue they got hurt.

How can you be hurt emmotionaly and fisicaly?

When you hurt someone emotionally, is when you say mean things to them. Or pick on someone with low self-esteem.When hurt someone fiscally is when you abuse them constantly.When you hurt someone emotionally, it would take longer to heal then when you hurt someone fiscally.Hope this helps !!Good Luck

How do you respond to someone when they say but i hurt you didnt i?

no you didnt

Does it hurt someone just to say good morning?


What do you call a person who gets hurt a lot?

You would say he is accident-prone