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Irish/Greek =]

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Q: What race is tulisa from n-dubz?
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Is tulisa in ndubz mixrace?

no Tulisa is fully white; from London...

How old is ndubz Tulisa?


Where was tulisa born in ndubz?

Tulisa was born in Camden Town, London.

What 's Tulisa from NDubz full name?

Tula Paulinea "Tulisa" Contostavlos

Is dappy and fazer getting rid of tulisa from ndubz?

no they not getting rid of tulisa

Has tulisa from ndubz ever been arested?

tulisa has never been arested!

How many tattoos does tulisa from Ndubz have?

She has 5

What jean size is tulisa in ndubz?


What is tulisa from ndubz favriote colour?


Is tulisa in a film?

There's an ndubz dvd

Is Tulisa still in NDubz?

No she has joined XFactorz

Who is Tulisa of Ndubz cruelly ditched her bloke for?

Tulisa has not ditched her man,they are still together.