What makes person healthy?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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By getting regular exercise and eating healthy with a balanced diet. Without this, you don't really have much hope..


What makes a person healthy is:

eating healty: fruits,vegetables,dry beans

not taking drugs,smokes,or alcohol

exercising everyday

eat whole grain bread and cereal

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Q: What makes person healthy?
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What does training do for a person?

it makes them healthy and fit

How do you define a healthy person?

A healthy person is someone who eats healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables. What also makes them healthy is not being sick and spreading germs by coughing for not washing their hands.

What makes a physical fit person?

A good diet, a healthy outlook and plenty of exercise.

What makes a physically person?

A good diet, a healthy outlook and plenty of exercise.

What does dentists mean?

a person who works on your teeth and makes them look, and feel healthy

How if the person is healthy?

For one....Ask a question that actually makes sense. Then ask a doc. or a hospital.

Why would physicians treat leukemia by transplanting bone marrow from a healthy person to the sick person?

bone narrow is what makes blood

What makes individuals emotionally healthy happy and effective?

The saying goes: "early to bed and early to rise make a person healthy, wealthy and wise".

What makes healthy for your bones?

'''Calcium''' makes milk healthy for our bones.

How often should the normal person defecate?

Daily activities and adequete foods makes a person heallthy.A normal & healthy person should defecate twice a day.

What is your idea of a healthy person?

A fit and healthy person

If a person has a mental disorder but it makes them happier than most healthy people is it still a disease?

Yes, it is. Healthy human emotion is made up of a whole array of feelings.