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Q: What is your intellectual wellness?
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How is Intellectual Wellness related to wellness?

Intellectual wellness is one of many dimensions of wellness. Intellectual wellness means to have the ability to think clearly, make sound or responsible decisions, and to accomplish a complex tasks appropriate to age and level of development. Intellectual wellness is having mental competency to respond accordingly to life's challenges.

What are the dimensions of wellness?

There are 6 dimensions in wellness. They are: 1. Physical Wellness 2. Emotional Wellness 3. Intellectual Wellness 4. Spiritual Wellness 5. Social Wellness 6. Environmental Wellness

A capacity to think critically is an example of?

A. emotional wellness B. intellectual wellness C. interpersonal and social wellness D. spiritual wellness

Different types of wellness tests?

The different types of wellness are physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental.

What is intellectual wellness in tagalog?

Ang intellectual wellness sa tagalog ay tinatawag na "intelektuwal na kagalingan." Ito ay ang kalusugan ng isip at pagiging aktibo sa pag-aral, pag-iisip, at pag-unlad ng kasanayan sa pag-aaral.

Total wellness can be achieved by balancing?

physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual health

Different types of testing?

The different types of wellness are physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental.

Physical intellectual social emotional and spiritual fitness are included in?

The term wellness is defined by a balance of physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual fitness. It is most often used in this way in the context of alternative medicine.

What are the five components of health?

The six components of health are:PhysicalEmotionalSocialEnvironmentalMentalSpiritualsocialmentalphysicalHEALTH

Does being physically healthy equate to having overall health and wellness?

Being physically healthy does not equate to having overall health and wellness. Like it's name, it only deals with one's physical state. Other elements of one's health and wellness that one has to seriously consider are one's mental health, emotional health, social health, intellectual health, environmental health, and one's spiritual health. Dieting and exercising can help one stay physically fit and help improve one's thinking process and reaction rate (mental and intellectual).

Explain the difference between wellness and health?

There are many similarities between health and wellness to choose from. One such similarity is that they both represent the overall state of the individual

What is the abbreviation for the word wellness?