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health is wealth. the individual of a community suppose to be the root of the community at large

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Q: What is the relationship between personal health and community health?
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How does personal health related community health?

This site will be helpful health information;

What is the relationship between health care productivity and health economics?

relationship of health and economics relationship of health and economics relationship of health and economics

What is different between public health and community health?

Public health protects the health of everyone, and community health protects the health of everyone in a particular community

WHAT IS THE significance of dental health to a community?

Dental health now called oral health is a part of general health. There are significantly relationship between oral health and general health and have common risk factors like smoking, consuming sweet and cholesterol rich diet. Origin of some medical diseases are oral problems like migraine, indigestion. Role of oral health in community becomes notifiable and significant in community because of changing trend of epidemiology and demography. We can not offer quality health care without quality oral health care.

What is the difference between personal and community health?

There are similarities between these two dimension as well as differences well, One of the differences that Private care seeks to maximize the chance of best outcome. While the community health seeks to minimize the worst outcome will occur. - Also, private health "Doctors or practitioner is independent in making decisions. On the othe hand Public health proffisionals is salaried employee who is accountable to both an immediate supervisor and a governing body. -

Which companies in Boston offer the most comprehensive personal health insurance?

Companies in Boston which offer the most comprehensive personal health insurance are: Boston Medical Center Health Plan Inc. Tufts Medical Center and South Boston Community Health Center.

What are the differences between community health nursing public health nursing and community based nursing practice?

Community based nursing would include agencies like home health care and hospice. Community health nursing would include agencies like the department of health and human services (DHHS)- local agencies in the community. Public health nursing would include agencies like the CDC and FDA- government agencies.

What is concept of community health?

what is the definition of community health ???

Who is responsible for the health of the community?

Usually the Health Department or the Ministry of Health is responsible for maintaining the health of the community in general and for intervening when a community health problem arises.

What are the three core functions of the public health nurse?

The three core functions of public health, as defined by the National Institutes of Health in 1998, are assessment, assurance, and policy development. These include: Assessment Monitoring health status in order to identify health issues within the community Investigation/diagnosis of health issues and hazards within the community Evaluation of the effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of the health services within the community Assurance Assures that the community can count on a competent public and personal care workforce Links people to personal health services and provides these services and health care when it is otherwise not available (e.g., public health clinics) Informs and educates people about health issues and empowers them to take control of their own health Mobilizes community partnerships in order to identify and solve health provlems Policy Development Develop policies and plans that support health efforts on both individual and community levels Enforce laws and regulations that protect health and ensure safety Research new insights and innovate solutions to health problems

What is the relationship between health inputs and health suggested by the health production function?

the answer is get a bag of hot cheetos and nacho cheese doritos and eat them

What is the relationship between negligence Workers' Compensation and the Occupational Health and Safety act?

There is no relationship between the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Workers' Compensation. Negligence has no bearing on Worker's Compensation because that is a system of fault insurance.