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the answer is get a bag of hot cheetos and nacho cheese doritos and eat them

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Q: What is the relationship between health inputs and health suggested by the health production function?
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Define production function?

Production function refers to the functional relationship between (physical) input and (physical) output

What production function explain relationship between?

output and exports

A production function measures the relation between?

The production function is a unit of measurement used in economics. The function measures the relationship between the quantities of productive factors and the amount of product obtained.

Is the relationship between input n output is known as production function?


Which two variables depicted on the production function depictes a relationship?

: It depicts a relationship between output and a given input.

What is a hidden production function?

In the field of economics, a production function is a calculation that explains the relationship between what it costs to produce goods and the actual quantity of goods you were able to produce. An example of a "hidden" production function would be money transfers at banks.

What is the production function and types of production function?

production function is relation between firm's production and material factors of production

Describe the production function with one variable input and explain the relationship between TPMP and AP curves and the three stages of production?

there are three stages of production mp>ap

What is the explanation for the relationship between production and consumption?

between consumption production

Relationship between purchasing department and production department?

Describe the relationship between the purchasing and production of a manufacturing company

What is production function with one variable input?

The production function for a firm is the relationship between the quantities of inputs per time period and the maximum output that can be produced. It can be calculated for one or more than one variable factors of production. The one variable factor of production function corresponds to the short-run during which at least one factor of production is fixed .

What is the relationship between chest circumference and lung function test?

what is the relationship between chest circumference and lung function test