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Q: What is the bigger influence on your health heredity or environment?
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Which influence on health cannot changed?


Which influence on health cannot be changed?


What are the physical factors that effecting health?


Indentify Six categories of influences on health?

heredity, environment ( physical environment, social environment), attitude, behavior, media, and technology

What factors have the most influence on a person's health?

Genetics, diet, exercise, and environment.

What are the factors affecting community health?

1. Political factors 2. Socio-cultural factors 3. Economic factors 4. Environment factorspolitical,socio-economic,heredity,environment,bahavior, and health care delivery systems

What determines life?

Many factors contribute to a person's life expectancy. Some of these factors include heredity, health condition and diseases, and environment.

Heredity influenced by health?

Heredity is a risk factor of health. For example, you are risk of having HTN if you have a a familial history of hypertension.

Is heredity a risk factor that can threaten your health?

Yes, it can.

How does heredity affect growth?

Heredity plays a significant role in determining a person's growth potential. Genetic factors inherited from parents influence factors such as height, body structure, and overall growth patterns. However, environmental factors, such as nutrition and overall health, can also influence growth.

What kinds of influences can affect childrens development such as their background health or environment?

Describe with example the influence that affect children develop.

How can inherited disease effect your health?

It depends on the nature (or which) heredity disease.