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Last stand

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Q: What is that flash game where you shoot zombies from behind a barrier?
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How do you play nazi zombies?

Shoot them zombies!

What to do when zombies atack?


Are there 4 generators in zombies nacht der untoten?

no their are three and one is on the first floor and you can see it from the barred barrier and the second one is in the help room and from the barrier across from the hole in the wall and i dont know where the third one is. If you shoot all of them all the electricity.

How do you play house of the dead?

Shoot the zombies.

Why you have to shoot the zombies stomach?

Head!! not stomach

How do you beat first level of zombies in black ops?

Shoot the zombies and don't die. What else?

What is thebest way to kill a zombies?

Shoot it in the head!

How do you kill the zombies on zombie trappers?

shoot it in the head

Can you shoot on nazi zombies on the iphone?

Yes. Do the tutorial

How do you shoot with no bullets in black ops zombies?

Not possieblr

How do you get zombies to move in blockland?

You have to shoot them, then they will move. - Ace Frog

What to do if zombies rule the world?

shoot them in the head like in the movies