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hyperparathyroid (?), hypercalcemia (?)

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Q: What is a medical problem with high blood calcium fatigue nausea weight gain hair loss general sick feeling?
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What are the medical issues for aniemic?

fatigue, paleness, nausea, feeling of exhaustion

What does medical code 780.79 mean?

general weakness, fatigue

What is the medical term meaning not feeling well?

If it were a general state of feeling unwell a term often used is malaise. It doesn't specifically refer to a particular complaint, it is used for those who say they feel unwell.The medical term of generally feeling bad is malaise.Malaise is the medical term used to describe a general "run down" feeling.

Feeling like you have a fever and fatigue?

Maybe a cold or a flu. Fever is usually a sign of a virus or infection (the body's way of getting rid of it). Fatigue can be a symptom of many, many medical conditions.

Lately I've been experiencing constant fatigue feeling very light headed and dizzy and occasional nausea Would like to know what it is I'm female 18 years old 130lbs?

There are multiple medical reasons for a 18 year old to be experiencing constant fatigue, lighted headed and dizziness, and nausea; including, but not limited to pregnancy. The best way to find out why you are feeling like this is to seek medical help.

What is the medical term meaning good feeling?

Sensation is the medical term meaning feeling.

What is the medical term meaning high calcium?

Hypocalcemia is the condition resulting from abnormally low levels of calcium in the blood.

About Calcium will vitamin tablet purpose and for what medical defect it uses?

medical defect is purpose and the purpose is that calcium will tablet.

What does medical code 780.71 mean?

Chronic fatigue syndrome

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning calcium?

The prefix for calcium is calc-

What is the Medical term for more than normal blood calcium level?

Hypercalcemia is a medical term for excessive calcium in the blood.

What is the medical term meaning exaggerated feeling of well being?

Euphoria is the medical term meaning exaggerated feeling of well-being.