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Then they are not covered under your insurance policy in the event they have an accident. The terms of your auto insurance require that you notify the insurance company of any change in household drivers.

Some policies will cover the accident but they also have the right to retroactively bill you for all the premiums you failed to pay through the fraud scheme from the date your teen became a licensed driver. Once they have back billed you for the unpaid premium they can also cancel your policy on moral grounds. They usually use this vague moral clause for cancellation of the policy as it does not require criminal accusation.

Failure to schedule young drivers is a well known form of insurance fraud. It is considerd fraud through deception and missrepresentation of a known risk not disclosed to your insurer.

If your insurer refuses to cover the accident, and they can based on the fraud scheme, since you own the car you could have to pay all the costs associated with that accident out of pocket since you elected not to insure your child to drive your vehicle.

If your teen is a minor, there is also the potential that you could be charged with parental neglect and or child endangerment since you knowingly and intentionally allowed a minor in your care and custody to drive a motor vehicle without insurance.

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Q: What if I don't add my teen son to my car insurance?
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