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that's bad and just don't try it

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Q: What happens if you take the whole pack of birth control pills at one time?
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Can you have intercourse everyday while using yasmin birth control pills?

sure, that is a whole point of birth control

How do you know which pills to skip to get pregnant?

All of them! If you are trying to get pregnant you do not want to take birth control pills. Their whole purpose is to prevent pregnancy.

What if you miss one month of birth control pills?

? Is this question asking if you can get preg ? Yes, you can. If you missed a whole month.

What would happen if you take a whole weeks worth of birth control pills?

Nothing. You might get sick though. Don't do it though.

Could being on birth control affect your period?

That is exactly what it is supposed to do, yes. The whole idea is to regulate your period so that you don't get pregnant as easily. Birth control pills are made from female hormones.

What happens if you take a whole packet of birth control pills all in one day?

You'll get sick. Some of those pills are a placebo. That means they don't do anything. If your body can't keep up with those hormones on a regular basis without a break, then how is it going to handle a major overdose?

Can birth control pills cause nausea dizzy spells and fatigue?

Yes, hormonal birth control has a major effect on the body as a whole so birth control pills can cause a wide range of symptoms - including nausea, fatigue, and dizzy spells. If you suspect your pill is causing these side-effects stop using the pill and talk to your doctor about finding another brand of pill, type of pill, or another birth control method.

Can you chew the birth control pill?

Birth control pills are taken by mouth and swallowed with a liquid. In late 2003, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a spearmint-flavored chewable birth control pill called Ovcon 35. These pills contain the same hormones, progestin and estrogen, that are present in standard birth control pills. Packages contain 21 active pills and 7 inactive pills to be taken throughout one menstrual cycle. You may chew the pills or swallow them whole. If you chew the pill, you should drink 8 ounces of water afterward to make sure the full dose reaches your stomach. The chewable version has similar side effects to other birth control pills, such as an increased risk for blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. It works just as well.

Does the birth control pill stop ovulation the whole month even during your period?

Hi there - Birth control pills When a woman gets her period, it's well AFTER ovulation has occurred. Menstruation occurs when an existing ovum is not fertilized and it and the endometrial material is expelled from the body. Birth control pills prevent ovulation from occurring earlier in the cycle by "tricking" your body into thinking it is pregnant.

What will happen if you've missed a whole week of birth control pills but doubled them up so I'll be caught up?

Doesn't work like that, read the label.

Hello this is may first time taking ocella birth control and ive been on it for a whole month im on the white pills already but havent started my period yet is that normal?

I'm not on the brand of birth control pill, but I find it's usual for my period to take up to 4 days to come once I start the white pills.

How can i stop taking birth control pills without getting pregnant?

Go see your gyno and discuss other contraceptives. There's a whole bunch of them. Until then use condoms.