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most qirls get there period but if u dont a doctor can qive you a druq which should make your period come out


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Q: What happens if you never get your period?
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What happens if a girl who has never had her period has sex?

That would be termed "Statutory Rape".

When does evaluation period happen?

You can never be sure when it happens everyone is different if you want it eat cucumbers and tomatoes

What happens if you don't get a period 1 month When do you start calculating your cycle if it never ended?

If you don't get you're period for a month or two you are either pregnant. And sometimes your period does come right on time so i would mark it on a callendar

What happens a month before a woman's period?

The only thing that happens exactly one month befor a woman's period is her previous period.

If you get pregnant during your period will your period stop immediately?

you really can't get pregnant during your period. Your period happens because you didn't get pregnant. Ovulation is when you get pregnant and it happens about two weeks after your period ends.

What happens when a period is skipped?

when you miss your period one month don't be alarmed it happens 2 every one

What is a period and what happens?

a period is when blood comes out the ladies vagina

What happens if your period doesn't come for a year?

what happens if you period doesn't come on for a year, but one mouth out of the year it comes on?

If your a member of club penguin and you get banned what happens?

well u can get banned for life or a 1-3 day period. now, if the it says u are banned for life then u can never ever never use that penguin agin

What happens during the period of the embryo?

Ther is no such thing as period of embryo .

When a satellite is placed into a higher orbit what happens to its period?

Its period increases

What happens last in respiration?

Your period.