What happens when a period is skipped?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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when you miss your period one month don't be alarmed it happens 2 every one

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Q: What happens when a period is skipped?
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What happens if you skipped your minstrel cycle?

When a menstrual period has been skipped, it could be a clear indication that there is a pregnancy. It could also be an indication that a woman may be in their pre-menopausal state.

How do you use the word skipped in a sentence?

those two girls skipped first period to go to the mall.

If my period skipped in June can ovulation occur in July?


Is skipping your period on the pill bad?

Skipping your period on the birth control pill, whether it happens with normal use or because you skipped the placebo week on purpose, isn't bad. It doesn't increase the risk of pregnancy, and causes no damage.

Is it okay if you have taken your birth control but skipped periods and now they are catching up to you and you have your period?

I'm assuming your meant you were taking birth control to skip your period. How many months have you skipped your period? Your body is the ultimate doc. Let it happen and look to see if it differs from average for you.

First sex was before menstruation but regular periods for the next 6 years until this month. Can the skipped period be caused by pregnancy?

Yes, that is a possibility. One skipped period is of itself not a certain indication of pregnancy, but it's one explanation for the missed period. Consider a pregnancy test.

Im on ortho tri-cyclen birth control pill and with the green pills makes you have your period if you skipped taking the green pills would you need to have your period still for that week?

i take orto tri cyclen and I've skipped a day or two with the green pill but i still get my period