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What happens if you have insurance and you get hit by someone driving fast down the shoulder of the road in Texas and they hit you?

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Q: What happens if you have insurance and you get hit by someone driving down the right shoulder of the road?
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What happens if you do not have a license and wreck someone else's car?

You will be charged with property damage and driving without a license and most likely driving without insurance. Not good.

If someone is driving your car and you do not have them on your insurance and they get into accident are you covered?

Although it depends on your insurance, the driver is covered if driving with your permission.

If you are driving someone else's car does your liability insurance pay repairs to the vehicle you are driving?

No, liability insurance is when there are injuries involved. If you are injured in an accident when someone else is driving your car, your liability insurance would cover your medical costs. Comprehensive and collision insurance on the car you were driving should pay for damages to the vehicle.

What happens when you get hit by someone without insurance?

I think,They get a fine or legal action. And you would still be o.k as they shouldn't of been driving in the first place

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Kansas for someone with a bad driving record?

The cheapest insurance in Kansas for someone with a bad driving record can be found at and you can also compare rates with other car insurance companies

What happens if you rear-end someone with no insurance?

You're an a-hole. GET SOME INSURANCE!

What happens to the owner of a car that gets into an accident with someone else driving there uninsured car?

They will have to take the uninsured driver to court. Or if you have uninsured driver policy with your insurance, they will pay it.

What does drop your shoulder mean?

it means to lower one shoulder. Usually when your driving on someone in basketball, or running the ball in football. You do it when you are charging at someone, or just towards the hoop or touchdown zone

What if someone hits you and its not his car and there are no insurance on the vehicle?

His liability insurance on his car should transfer to the vehicle that he is driving.

What happens if someone crashes into you and you have no insurance even if it is their fault?

USAYou're at fault as you're not legal to be on the road. It's the same as if you were driving without a licence but someone hit you, you have no legal right to be on the road so therefore it's immediately your fault.Some other countriesRegardless of whether you have insurance, provided you were driving legally, if it is his fault then quite simply, he is at fault. You just won't be able to claim any insurance for it, and neither will he.

If I'm driving someone else's car can I get a ticket for having no insurance?

This law can change from state to state. It is best to check with your state's laws to see if you would be ticketed for driving someone else's car that has no insurance.

What could the police charge someone with who hasn't got a license or insurance?

uda unlawfull driving auto. no insurance.