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On the episode "A Call To Arms" Piper receives extra arms making her have 8. In this episode Piper and Leo receive powers of Hindu Gods. This is the first episode of season 7.

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Q: What episode of charmed does piper get 8 arms?
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What episode does piper go back in time to save phoebe and paige?

The very last episode of charmed of Season 8 Episode 22 "Forever Charmed" when Piper and Leo go back in to time to save Phoebe, Paige, and even Billie

How come shannen dorthey came back to charmed season 9?

I am very sorry to tell you this but there is no season 9 in charmed season 8 episode 22 all that happens is that you see piper's kids and phoebe and her boyfriend and then you see piper telling a story to some kids.

Is there going to be another episode of charmed?

No, Charmed ended with season 8.

What episode does Leo come back in charmed?

Leo apears on season 8 episode 21 (Kill Billie: Vol. 2), as a ghost to tell Piper he approves of them teaming up with a demon named Normed

What Happens in charmed season 7?

I cant answer that but in season 8 Piper is pregnant!

Does cole turner return in charmed season 8?

Eg sier ja eg ønsker cole turner tilbake I sesong 8 og 9

Which charmed episode where paige and Henry meet?

In Battle Of The Hexes (season 8 episode 8

What episode did pheobe meet coop on charmed?

Season 8 episode 14

How many kids did piper and Leo have on charmed?

In season 5 in the episode "The Day the Magic Died", Piper gave birth to their first son, Wyatt. In season 6 in the episode "It's Bad, Bad, Bad World Part 2" she gave birth to their second son Chris. In the series/ season 8 finale, "Forever Charmed" when Piper is taking her turn to write in the Book of Shadows, it shows her with her two sons as well as a daughter, that is assumed to be Melinda, the daughter she saw she would have in season 2 in the episode "Mortality Bites". So Piper and Leo had two sons and theoretically one daughter that really only exists in a future beyond the show.

What is the charmed episode called when coop first comes?

season 8 episode 16 "engaged and confused"

What music is used in charmed season 8 episode Rewiched?

If I'm Not by Danielle McKee

Why did Ted King leave Charmed after the first season?

Because no one liked his character Andy and they wanted a twist with every end of each season Season 1 last episode ~ Andy Dies Season 2 Last Episode ~ Dan Moves Season 3 Last Episode ~ Prue Dies Season 4 Last Episode ~ They Get A Chance 2 be Mortal Season 5 Last Episode~ Leo Becomes an Elder and has 2 leave the charmed 1s Season 6 Last Episode ~ Chris Dies Season 7 Last Episode ~ Charmed Ones Fake Own Death Season 8 Last Episode ~ Piper goes back in time 2 save phoebe and Paige and they get Leo back