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Obito Uchiha is in a special 6 part episode called the Kakashi Gaiden set during the Third Great Shinobi World War.

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Q: What episode is obito Uchiha in?
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Sasuke and Obito?

Other than the bloodline Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Obito have no relation. Obito was born and died way before Sasuke was even born.

In naruto Shippuden is Tobi actually obito?

Yes it is true that Obito Uchiha is tobi as shown in Manga Chapter 599

How can Tobi be obito if obito fought the fourth Hokage?

Because Tobi is from First hokage generation and Obito was from Kakashi generation.

In Naruto who is Tobi?

Tobi IS Uchiha Madara. It is revealed sometime after Sasuke kills Orochimaru. It can't be Madara because in recent manga chapters Madara has been revealed to be kabuto's secret weapon among the people he resurrected using his impure resurrection technique. I'm guessing it's Obito now. Tobi is not anyone from the Uchiha clan. Tobi is not even a user of Fire Release. The AFFINITY of all Uchiha clan members is Fire Release. Tobi uses only Earth Release. It is Madara Uchiha, the person that would be the first hokage, but he loses his battle and the honor of the Uchiha. (Orochimaru has got his body, so he takes the body of Obito, the uncle of Sasuke, that gives his sharingan to Kakashi) Obito's face is deformed so he takes a mask.

Does Kakashi know obito is alive?

Kakashi, Obito, Rin and Minato Namikaze (the leader) were students in the same team. Obito dies and later on it emerges that Tobi is, in fact, Madara Uchiha. No because obito is not Tobi .madara uchiha is a man from before the hidden leaf he is probably hundreds of years old madara was born before kakashi they can not be the same age because Kakashi is 27 Well as shown now tobi is not madara. However there is no way tobi could be obito cause at the time where the nine tails attacked kakashi was still young and tobi was way older when he fought minato. I dont get why people are not using their brains cause that is a proof that tobi is not obito.

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Is madara uciha is obito?

No, Madara Uchiha is the leader of the Uchiha Clan. Obito is merely a member and he is dead.

Are Obito Uchiha and Madara Uchiha the same persons?


How is obito and Tobi alike?

they only have the same last name, Tobi is madara uchiha, and obitio is... obito uchiha

Is obito Uchiha evil?

Yes, Obito is evil. It was revealed in the Manga that Tobi was Obito.

Is pain obito?

no it is rumered that Tobi is madara uchiha in obito's body but no pein is not obito

Is tobi an Uchiha?

Yes. His true name is Obito Uchiha.

Is Tobi Madara in Obito's form?

Tobi is Madara Uchiha in Tobi's form!! Obito Uchiha is dead and completely unrelated besides the fact that he is an Uchiha too.

How do you get sharringan?

you have to be an uchiha kakashi got his sharringan from his comrade, obito uchiha

When did Tobi tooked obito's body?

Tobi isn't Obito. He is Madara Uchiha

Who help Uchiha obito?

Kakashi and Rin.

What is the true name of obito?

uchiha madara, ,

Who is stronger than the 4th Hokage?

tobi(obito uchiha with Madara Uchiha soul )