What does pasar la aspiradora mean?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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To hoover

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Q: What does pasar la aspiradora mean?
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How do you say vacuuming in Spanish?

al vacio = vacuum sealedaspiradora = vacuum cleanerAs in the appliance, "aspiradora". As in the absence of air, "vacía".

What does paquito paso la aspiradora ayer mean?

"Paquito vacuumed yesterday"

What does Pasar la noche mean?

Spend the night

What is the blanks 1. Hay que la aspiradora 2. Hay que cortar . 3. Hay que lo platos.?

It would help immensely if you provided the location of the blanks. That being said, my first impressions of the missing words are:1) Hay que PASAR la aspiradora.2) Hay que cortar el CÉSPED.3) Hay que FREGAR los platos.

How do you say vacuum the carpet in spanish?

"Pase la apiradora por la alfombra." Or you could say, "Limpie la alfombra con aspiradora." There is no verb aspiradorearthat means 'to vacuum.'

How do you say me vacuum in spanish?

Paso la aspiradora (I vacuum)

How do you say please sweep the floor in Spanish?

In the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico the phrase for mop the floor is "Trapear el piso" but what this means literally is to pass a cloth "un trapo" on the floor using what is known as "un jalador" or a puller. This puller is what people in the US would call a squeegee which is a flat rubber blade. However, "un jalador" has a long broom handle. The "trapo" is wrapped around the rubber blade and passed across the floor. There are also mops in this region of the Spanish speaking world. They are called "mechudos." But, people still say that they are "trapeando" when they are actually "mopping".No friega/friegue el suelo (informal/formal)

What does aspiradora mean in spanish?

It means "vacuum cleaner".

How do you say turned on the vacuum and the radio in spanish?

prende la aspiradora y el radio

How do you say 'may you pass me the pen' in Spanish?

"podrias pasar el..." or "podrias pasar la..." usually when the following word ends in the letter "a" or it's a female name.

What actors and actresses appeared in Al pasar la barca - 2003?

The cast of Al pasar la barca - 2003 includes: Patxi Freytez Claudio Sierzoo Estrella Zapatero

How do you say pass it to the right in spanish?

Please pass me the mustard. = Favor de pasarme la mostaza