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I guess it makes it smell horrible because my cuz tryied it he smells bad now

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Q: What does garlic do to your hair?
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Does garlic regrow hair?

Yes! I know someone who regrew practically all their hair with garlic juice and olive oil at night!

Does garlic help facial hair growth?


Does garlic make hair grow faster?

Yes if you EAT it and put it on your hair once a week.

Does garlic help hair grow faster?


What is solutions to control hair fall?

Eat lots of onions and garlic!

Is garlic good for hair?

It's organic, so yeah. It IS good, but no one's gonna wanna be close to you anymore with your hair smelling of it XD

How do you stop your hair from shedding?

garlic pills should help with the shedding you should see less of it.

Does putting garlic on hair make it grow faster?

yes it helps grow the hair but am not realy sure how fast so go ahead and try it

Does garlic stops human hair from shedding?

No. But look at your category. It will help keep fleas off your dog. Add some garlic powder [NOT garlic salt] to their food, or give one SMALL garlic perle in a treat per day. Don't complain if your dog has obnoxious flatulence. It's that or fleas or poison chemicals on your dog.

What keeps dracula away?

A cross and a string of garlic.

Beside Frieza who grabs Gohan by his hair and beats him up?

vegeta salt chichi goku garlic jr cell bojack

Animal deterrents for the garden?

Hair; fencing; row covers; strong smelling plantings such as garlic, herbs, marigolds, nasturtiums, and onions.