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If you want to, u need to beat the red dragon 8 times.

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Q: What do you need to do for dragon slayer marshal quest on aqw?
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How do you do the dragon slayer quest?

You need to first have 33 quest points and then follow the quest guide

Which quest have to be done to do dragon slayer?

If you look at the Dragon Slayer quest in your quests tab, it should tell you all the recommendations that you will need, if it doesn't or they are lined out - it means that you are ready to start the quest.

Do you need membership to get dragon slayer in adventure quest worlds?

no you get it from a quest from galanoth in vasalkar lair the second to last quest

How do you open the door of the champions guide in runescape?

You need to do Champions quest to get in ( Dragon Slayer ).

Does Dragon Slayer class need a Dragon Amulate?

If your talking about the Dragon Slayer in Adventure Quest then it's called Guardian and yes you do. Scholar and Fighter both have to reach level 10 before you can exceed in the Dragon Slayer Class. As a Normal User your Class can only reach 5 MAX.

Do you have to be a member to fight a dragon?

you dont have to be a member to fight a dragon, you fight a green dragon in the quest Dragon Slayer to where a rune platebody. So no you don't need to be a member to fight a dragon.

Do you still need to have the dragon slayer quest completed to wear Green D hide armour?

yes if you want to wear the d'hide body, but u can wear the d'hide chaps and vambraces without completing dragon slayer

Do you need to be a member to get the dragon slayer class in AQWorlds?

No, membership is not needed to get Dragon Slayer Class.

Where is melzar's key for melzar's maze?

You need to start the dragon slayer quest. To start that quest you need 33 quest points. Speak to the guy in the champions guild either he or a guy called oziach in edgeville will give you the key.

How do you get paladin amour in Dragon Fable?

you need a undead slayer badge which you can get from the first 3 quest at Artix the you need to click 'become a paladin' and click the wear armour button but u must have the undead slayer badge

Do you have to do a quest for rune armor in runescape if not a member?

You have to do the quest Dragon Slayer. I believe this is only for the rune platebody - you can wear other pieces without doing quests, you only need a certain defense level.

What level could you be to be a dragonslayer in AQworlds?

You don't to be a specific level to be a dragon-slayer. You just need to go talk to Galanoth the Dragon-slayer Master in Vasalkar Lair in Skullholme. I recommend you go there when you are at level 8 or higher. Also, bring friends to help you kill the red dragon when you go on the final quest because you need to kill it 8 times.