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For 2.5/the community forum, it is currently down for maintenance following some problems earlier today. You won't be able to play multiplayer or visit the community forums in the meantime -- please be patient and try again later.

For 2.7, service is unaffected.

Please use WolfQuest's social media (found on the website's homepage) to seek support if you are experiencing any other problems that have nothing to do with this maintenance period.

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Q: What do you do if WolfQuest won't work?
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Why wont wolfquest connect?

your computer is older and wolf quest is a new progress

Is there a Australian WolfQuest?

no. wolfquest multiplayer lets you interact with the whole world. it, however, does not work on rainy days.

What do i do if my game wolfquest wont work?

It depends on how you are defining it as "not working".Is the game incompatible? The game's system requirements can be found on the 'get the game' page, or through the forum's FAQ feature under The Game- General.If you're not able to see the buttons on the main menu after launching WolfQuest, check this post and see if it can help you resolve the problem with a manual work-around. (See related links/sources)

What do you do if your wolfquest link does not work?

Links do not work on the WolfQuest forums - they are disabled due to past incidents. You need to copy and past all links. Additionally, the website may also be lagging.

How much is wolfquest?

WolfQuest is absolutely free. You can download it at the WolfQuest website.

Why is that when you play Wolfquest the keys don't work?

I have episaod 2.5 you can reload the game

Why wont WolfQuest multiplayer work?

1. You have to register online at Then the administrators have to approve you which can take a while.2. You may not be connected to the internet at the moment. Check your connection.3. (as said at the bottom of downloading page) The game is not GUARANTEED to work on your computer. Tryre-downloading on a different server.

When wolfquest will be for download?

It is already...actually... WolfQuest 2 and WolfQuest 2.5 are available for download now.

How do you download amethyst mountain delux wolfquest?

You can not download previous versions of WolfQuest. But, you can download the latest, WolfQuest 2.5! It can be found on WolfQuest's website(

What is second quest in wolfquest?

There is only 1 wolfquest quest in wolfquest episode 1 but in wolfquest episode 2 coming this December 2009 there will be multiple quests!

How do you get the normal wolfquest?

You are not able to get previous versions of WolfQuest.

Can somebody give me a working WolfQuest account?

WolfQuest can!