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It depends on how you are defining it as "not working".

Is the game incompatible? The game's system requirements can be found on the 'get the game' page, or through the forum's FAQ feature under The Game- General.

If you're not able to see the buttons on the main menu after launching WolfQuest, check this post and see if it can help you resolve the problem with a manual work-around. (See related links/sources)

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Q: What do i do if my game wolfquest wont work?
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Why is that when you play Wolfquest the keys don't work?

I have episaod 2.5 you can reload the game

Does wolfquest come with viruses?

The game WolfQuest does not have any viruses.

Will wolfquest work on dell netbooks?

WolfQuest may not work on netbooks/notebooks. The game engine's capabilities don't guarantee that the game will display or function correctly if the computer does not meet the system requirements. For the best experience, use a desktop computer or laptop adequately suited to the game's specifications, linked below.

Is there more than one wolfquest game?

Yes! There is Wolfquest: Slough Creek. If you want both, you can get Wolfquest: Survival of the pack. You can have pups on it.

Why wont WolfQuest multiplayer work?

1. You have to register online at Then the administrators have to approve you which can take a while.2. You may not be connected to the internet at the moment. Check your connection.3. (as said at the bottom of downloading page) The game is not GUARANTEED to work on your computer. Tryre-downloading on a different server.

Where can you download the second WolfQuest game?

you just go to the wolfquest website press get the game then press download and press run and do the following

Why wont wolfquest connect?

your computer is older and wolf quest is a new progress

Is wolfquest a good game?

YES! I LOVE WolfQuest! I Strongly recommend it! But only if you have a fast computer!

What if you buoght a game from a different country?

It wont work in your game system

How do you make a video game like WolfQuest?

Well, WolfQuest used eduweb, but there are many other ways.

When are they going to make the 3 edition of wolfquest?

It is unknown if there is going to be another WolfQuest game, due to funding.

Where can you find a store with WolfQuest to buy?

If you are talking about the game WolfQuest, there's no need to buy it. It's free.