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The country that is ranked as being the top video game consumer is Canada. The second country is the United States.

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Q: What country is the top ranking video game consumer?
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To properly answer this question you need to segment it into pieces. When a publisher tries to bring in a title from other country to a different country, many issues exist. For Example, if a South East Asian country tries to sell into the US, they have to do more testing and do testing in the target nation because of the hardware, language and custom issues they are fighting. Only a small percentage of what you see from a foreign country is of good enough quality to get attention of the media and noticed on the blogs and news. Most titles that are produced in the country that the game is targeted for are of enough quality for the local consumer. You also can split this by funding of a game. Games that are well funded will usually have better quality. Those that have to ship because they are out of money, usually have bad quality. I have been in Video Game testing for 12+ years. Run a professional game testing company called and have developed training for Video game testing that is offered at These are some things I have noticed about the need for video game testing.

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