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A loose wire would cause the horn to stop working on your Dodge Avenger 2.4L engine.

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2014-01-10 00:12:06
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Q: What could cause the horn to stop working in your dodge avenger 2.4L engine?
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Could ignition cause sudden engine failure?

Ignition is required for an engine to work. Failure of ignition would prevent the engine working.

What would cause a 350 gmc engine to develop blowback?

Could be, A very high mileage/worn out engine, The PCV system not in working order,

What would cause a battery picture come on in a Dodge Avenger Express?

Could be the alternator has failed.

Can service light cause uneven idling?

No, but something that could cause uneven idle could cause the check engine light to turn on.No, but something that could cause uneven idle could cause the check engine light to turn on.

What is the working of two wheeler engine?

If you could tell us what a two wheeler engine is then we could help.

Why would your car get loud as you accelerate?

As the engine revolutions increase, so does the noise from the engine as it is working harder as opposed to being still idling. Also, could be a leak in your exhaust system that could be the cause of the additional noise.

What would cause daytime running lights and check engine light and power windows and instrument gauges and lights to quit working as working?

All of these parts run on electricity, and for all of them to fail would be bad. Bad or burnt wiring could cause them not to work, or a alternator going bad could cause them not to work as well.

Are there sensors that would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to not start?

Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.

What could cause engine hesitation on 2008 dodge avenger only when it rains?

I had the same issue with my Pontiac Montana. One of the spark plug wires had cracked and water was causing the issues. I replaced the plug wires and the problem was solved.

What cause an engine to idle high?

A vacuum leak could cause that.

What can be the cause of high pressure in the cooling system of a 2001 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L?

If the engine fan is working then you could have a defective thermostat or a blown head gasket.

What could cause coolant to overflow even though engine temperature is normal on a cool day and no coolant was added?

An old or non-working radiator cap.

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