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In a healthy person, water, urea, and a small amount of electrolytes like sodium and potassium should be found. What should NOT be found are red or white blood cells, bacteria (yes, urine should be sterile), or nitrites or esterases which indicate an infectious processes.

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Q: What components would you find in the urine oealthy person?
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What are the 4 main components of urine that dialysis would also need to remove?

Urea, potassium, creatinine, and extra fluids are 4 components of urine that dialysis would also remove.

What components would you find in urine of a healthy person?

Healthy urine consists of water, ammonia, potassium, hydrogen, little sodium, little creatine, little uric acid and urea and little bilirubin, if any of these substance is present in too much (or to little) quanity then it becomes unhealthy. Also if glucose and/or RBC are found in urine it is unhealthy.

Would you find sugar in the urine of a hypoglycemic person?


How would a person know if they were dehydrated?

If your urine is cloudy,you are dehydrated.

What is the urine pH in a dehydrated person?

The pH would be lowered due to the production of ketone bodies and excreted in the urine.

How does urine go into the lungs?

The only way urine could possibly ever get into the lungs would be if the person inhaled or drank urine. Not a good thing to do.

Can a person live without a bladder?

yes but you would have to walk around with a bag with urine and have a tube were the urine comes from the kidneys

How would a person in a moderate environment probably would lose the greatest amount of water by means of?


Is there any person blind by a frog urine?

No, you would have to put a frog on your face to have that happen.

What cells would be present in urine if a person had glomerlonephritis?

An excess of casts is usually present.

What is the major positive ion in urine?

Urine is not always the same, and it varies both by diet, and by the health of the person in question. But in general, the positive ion you would be most likely to find in urine is the Na+ ion.

What causes low urine temperature?

Pissing in a bottle and putting it in the fridge, YOU IDIOT