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Q: What brand of eyewear does jimmy iovine wear?
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Why do some people have to wear eyewear?

Some people have to wear eyewear in order to correct defects in their vision such as near sightedness and far sightedness. Other people may wear eyewear in order to prevent headaches and migraines. Some people wear eyewear without lenses to look cool.

What brand of shoe did Sandra Bullock wear in the proposal?

They are by Face a Face, a brilliant French brand of eyewear and glasses. See my blog post:

What brand of batting glove does jimmy rollins wear?

Nike. Everything he wears is nike.

What brand of eyeglasses did Johnny depp wear in the second half of the nineth gate Not the berkshire chases?

I could find no info on eyewear other than the Berkshire Chases.

What glasses did Johnny Depp wear on the Oprah show on May 2011?

I'm amazed at the attention Mr. Depp's eyewear receives. I believe that the the brand of his glasses is Moscot Lemtosh frames, sold only in their retail boutiques.

What brand and model sunglasses does brad pitt wear in the counselor?

In the first half of the film (Tree of Life), Brad Pitt wears the Legend frame by Allyn Scura Eyewear in grey smoke fade (031-03), size medium. In the second half of the film, Mr. Pitt wears a vintage frame by Graceline called the Darren in brown fade, size 46.

What brand of glasses NOT sunglasses does john mayer currently wear he has been wearing them a lot for recent gigs tour in 2014?

John Mayer's glasses are made of gold ion his 2014 tour. These glasses are worth a lot.

Who makes fossil eyewear?

There was no such thing as eye-wear in the ancient past so no glasses were ever fossilised.

What brand of sunglasses does Tom Cruise wear in Risky Business?

Its called "Raven" by Arnet. When the company named Arnet before changed to Arnette.

Is there eyewear for far sighted vision?

Of course! There is eye wear for every eye condition there is. For example I were corrective eyeglasses for amblyopia.

When shold protective be used work eyewear?

Safety goggles are protective eye wear that should be used at some work.

Is eyeware one word or two?

Well, first of all, it's eyewear, if it were one word. It is two words. Eye wear.