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the brand he were's is from American apears

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Q: What brand clothing does Justin bieber wear?
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What brand of under wear does Justin Bieber wear?

Justin Bieber Wears Ralph Lauren Underwear

What Brand does Justin Bieber Wear?

he wears crew and supra

What brand of shoes does justin bieber wear?

He wears Supras.

What brand of shoe does Justin bieber wear mostly?


What brand underwear does Justin bieber wear?

American apparel

What type of vans does Justin bieber wear?

actually he likes the brand Supra

Does Justin bieber wear ed hardy clothing?

He probraly does lolz...he got swag

What shoe brand does Justin Bieber mostly wear?

Supra Shoes <3

Does Justin Bieber wear Jordans?

-Justin Bieber's favorite brand of shoes is Supra. I've never seen him in Jordans, but that's not to say that he's never worn them.(:

Does Justin Bieber were a mask?

No Justin bieber does not wear a mask

What shoe brand does Justin Bieber wear?

Nike, Michael Jordan, and such things. Air Max, also.

Does Justin Bieber wear eye shadow?

No but some guys like Justin bieber do but not justin bieber