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Q: What bracelets does Fiona wear on Burn Notice?
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What sunglasses does Fiona glenanne wear in season 5 of burn notice?

Dolce And Gabbana

What wristwatch does Jesse Porter wear on burn notice?

Luminox watch series

What kind of gold chain does Bruce Campbell wear in burn notice?

It is a gold Figaro chain.

What sunglasses does Sam Axe wear in the Fearless Leader episode from 'Burn Notice'?

Persol 2833

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Dont really think there is a side, I wear bracelets on both. Guys don't wear bracelets.

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Sure. Sixth graders can wear what they choose. Jelly bracelets have taken on certain meanings that are completely unrelated to the actual bracelets. They are bracelets. End of story.

What sunglasses does Fiona Glenanne wear in 'Burn Notice'?

Agent Harris rocks a pair of classic Ray Ban Aviators. I want the Oakley titaniums. If anyone out there can get this message to a product placement person for Oakley I would appreciate it. Thanks, Agent Harris

In what hand do girls have to wear their bracelets?

Girls have the ability to wear their bracelets on whatever hand they choose to, there is no rule or law that girls have to wear their bracelets on one hand- that would be just ridiculous! The most common hand, though, to wear bracelets on is the right hand- because most people are right-handed.

How do you wear friendship bracelets?

On the wrist.

What sunglasses does Jesse Porter wear in season 4 Dead or Alive episode of Burn Notice?

ray bans

What kind of bracelets does Kristen Stewart wear in twilight?

she wears bracelets made of poo.

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