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ray bans

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Q: What sunglasses does Jesse Porter wear in season 4 Dead or Alive episode of Burn Notice?
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What brand of sunglasses does Victor wear in 'Burn Notice' season two episode six?

Answer: Cazal, not sure what model though, could be the Cazal 964

When did season two episode 10 of 'Burn Notice' air?

Episode 10 of the second season of 'Burn Notice' aired on January 22, 2009.

Csi season 2 episode 8 sunglasses catherine is wearing?


What sunglasses does Fiona glenanne wear in season 5 of burn notice?

Dolce And Gabbana

Which episode of 'Burn Notice' does Mike and Fiona fight then make out?

season 1, episode 7 "broken rules"

What episode in burn notice will Jesse find out Michel burned him?

Season 4 Episode 11

Is coby bell currently starring in burn notice?

As of season 4, yes Coby Bell is in Burn Notice as Jesse Porter and on so far.

What sunglasses is Dean Winchester wearing in Supernatural season 10 episode 4 Paper Moon?

Oakley Holbrook

When is season two episode ten of Burn Notice going to air?

Season two episode ten, 'Do No Harm', originally aired January 22, 2009.

Where can I find an epsisode guide for 'Burn notice' season two episode ten?

Episode guides for 'Burn Notice' can be found on the USA Network website. Check the related link

How tall is Season Porter?

Season Porter is 5' 7".

When will burn notice season 3 episode 17 air?

There will be none, season 4 should start up in June