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All types of cats.


~ Kit Foxes ~ Domesticated Cats ~ Red Foxes

or rats and bunnies

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Q: What baby animals are called kittens?
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What two animals are called kittens?

Young rats, cats, rabbits, squirrels, skunks, hedgehogs & beavers, their young are called kittens.

Farm animal that start with k?

How about Kittens. And baby goats which are called Kids.

What animals are related to kittens?

Cats (adult kittens) Tigers (VERY large cats) Any young animals (baby animals)

What is a black panther called when its a baby?

cubs or kittens

Baby rodent called?

Many baby rodents are called kittens.

What are animals that also have kittens?

Baby beavers are often referred to as kittens as well as hedgehogs, squirrels and several other small animals.

What are baby ocelots called?


Are baby cats only called a calf?

No, baby cats are called kittens.

Are baby koalas ever called kittens?

No. Baby koalas are called joeys.

What is a baby squirrel called?

A baby squirrel is called a kitten.

What are baby bobcats called?

Cubs or kittens.

I know baby cats and rabbits are called kittens but what other animal infants are called kittens?