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Q: What are the most effective means of breaking the chain of infection?
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What is the correct order of the chain of infection?

source, means of transmission, susceptible host

If you have a respiratory infection and you sweat does that mean that its breaking up?

To me, it means that you have a temperature and should take it easy for another day or so.

Why regular antibodies not be used as effective treatment of viral diseases but effective against bacterial infection?

Viral diseases are caused by viruses which live in our cells as a host. So, killing them by antibiotics means killing our own cells. This is why antibiotics are not effective against viral diseases.

What does effective or effective mean?

it means effective

What is the tone of Breaking Dawn?

in means a verge of breaking dawn

What word means breaking into a house and stealing?

breaking into a building and stealing what is it caleed

What does it mean when you ask your bf if you are breaking up and he says possibly?

This means that he is seriously thinking about breaking up with you. Usually, it means, yes.

What is the difference between breaking things up and breaking up with your girlfriend?

well breaking things means your tearing things apart. breaking up with your girl friend means you guys are no longer in a mental nor physical relationship

What is the medical term meaning free from infection?

Aseptic means free from infection.

What does it mean when a women has a yeast infection?

When a woman has yeast infection it means that she has a an infection caused by some fungi that lives in the female organ. It also means that she is experiencing soreness and inflammation.

What word means breaking in on?

Break in (up)on means disturb, interrupt.

What is cutting a covenant?

"Cutting a Covenant" means : Breaking the already made covenant. (Breaking the promise)