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Advantages - 1) there are 2 eyepieces which means you don't have to strain your eyes so much and makes it easier to focus on the object you are looking at. 2) objects can be looked at in 3D which makes it easier and more interesting to assess the object. 3) it is able to magnify so closely that you can see objects that cannot be seen using other microscopes.

Disadvantages compared to current miscroscopes: None.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dissecting microscope?
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In compound microscope are usually able to magnify an object by 400 times.while dissecting microscope usually only magnify an object by 40 times or less. In compound microscope are used to view very small, relatively thin things, such as cells. In dissecting microscope are used to look at larger objects that have a greater degree of depth such as grains of pollen. In compound microscope is always made with 1 eyepiece. On the other hand dissecting microscope is always made with 2 eyepiece.

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The source of radiation of a dissecting microscope is light. The illuminated light is what will cause the image to appear in three-dimensional format.?æ

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1. compound microscope has higher magnification power 2. Dissecting is used for studying 'big' objects 3. compound is for looking at cells, etc.

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