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age, mobility, hearing, vision, illness, medication, fatigue

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Q: What are physical conditions of a driver that can contribute to a collision?
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Does age contribute to a vehicle collision?

Age may contribute to a car accident if the awareness level of the driver is low. If the driver is an elderly person, the reaction time may be slower (No offense elderly people).

What is chargeable collision?

Chargeable Collision: A collision in which the actions of the driver of a City-owned vehicle are the primary cause of the collision. Normally, the driver will have violated state or local traffic law.

A preventable collision is a collision in which the driver fails to do everything?


What is the definition of preventable collision?

a collision in which the driver fails to do everything reasonable to avoid it.

In a colision the second colision is when the unsecured driver strikes the inside of a vehicle?

In a collision, the second collision is when an unsecured driver strikes the inside of the vehicle.

How an Inexperience driver cause a collision?

They could swerve into somebody's car and cause a collision

The main cause of most collision?

Driver error

What does the term 'insurance collision' mean?

Insurance collision is a form of automobile insurance that covers physical damage. In most situations the insurer pays for the insured injuries, damage to the vehicle of the insured, and if the insured is at fault it pays for the damage to the other vehicle, and the other driver.

What insurance covers the driver who is at fault?

Assuming that the at-fault driver maintained it at the time of the collision, his/her auto liability coverage would be triggered.

What can you do if you are involved in an accident was not your fault and the other driver has no insurance?

if you have collision coverage file under that then your company will subrogate the uninsured driver...if no collision coverage you can file a state report, and/or small claims action.....

Can your driver license be suspended for causing one serious collision?


In the event of a possible head on collision a driver should?

steer left