What are paper jamz?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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paper jamz are an easy to play light weight guitar or drumset ranked for ages 8 and over if you want to look and act like a rock star i highly recommend you go out and buy a paper jamz guitar or drumset. they have 3 bilt in song that everyone will enjoy and if you dont want to play one of the bilt in songs just play free style. you can plug these into a paper jamz amp or a plain pair of ear phones go out and buy a paper jamz!!!

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Q: What are paper jamz?
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When was Paper Jamz created?

Paper Jamz was created in 2010.

How can you put music on a paper jamz?

if u dont have a paper jamz dont plan puttin' music on it till u have one

How much do paper jamz cost?

paper jams are $25 and are not paper

Do paper jamz have a head phone jack?


Can you use paper jamz with Lego rock band?


Do you need to buy the amplifire with paper jamz guitar?

no you dont

How long is a Paper Jamz guitar?

it is about 3 feet long

Can you connect a paper jamz guitar to an amplitube on the iPad?

Ohkay Bye :)

Can you download songs on paper jamz?

Maybe,yes definitly.

How do you do freestyle on your paper jamz guitar?

first you turn on the freestyle then start to play

Does the paper jamz guitar need the amp to work?

No, The Amp is just a accessory and is your choice to get it or not

Where can you buy the paper jamz pro series guitar?

You can buy the paper jams pro guitar at stores such as walmart and target