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they are assessing your health, making good decision's, setting goals, using refual skill, copying, communicating effectively, being a wise consumer

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Q: What are nine life skills that can guide you to better health?
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How do the life skills relate to the 6 components of health?

because there all about health.

What is a life skill What are the 9 life skills?

life skills are skills that help you deal with situation's that can affect your health. the 9 life skills are assessing your health, making good decisions, being a wise consumer, communicating effectively, practicing wellness, setting goals, using refusal skills , coping, and evaluating media messages.

How can completing a health behavior inventory help you practice life skills?


What type of health skills are described in this statement you find healthful ways to ease and manage pressure in your life?

(Apex) Stress management skills.

How does marijuana smoking affect your health?

it doesn't it makes your life better

Which life skill would you use to evaluate how your actions affect your health?

Explain how you could ues the commuicating effectiely life skills

You find healthful ways to ease and manage pressure in your daily life. What type of health skills are described in this statement?

(Apex) Stress management skills.

What are the benefits to drinking alcohol in moderation?

Better health and longer life expectancy.

How do the applications of microscopes affect on the persons life?

better health care for one

Which person below is likely to have better health?

Jenna, who is optimistic about life -apex :]

What services does Health Angels provide?

Health Angels is a foundation that was founded by St. David's Foundation. The services of the Health Angels is to provide a better quality of life for the elderly and their families. They are dedicated to better health, minds and dental care for the elderly.

Why is it important to improve own knowledge and skills?

It is important to improve your own knowledge and skills to help better yourself. With improved knowledge and skills, it can help you succeed in life.